Sunday, April 4, 2010


I do not understand how people are able to get ready on Easter morning, get a family photo and make it to church on time. Well, just so you know my family had on really cute outfits, we were a little late to church and we did not get a photo of all of us together. Church was really nice but I have to say the best part of the day was picking Stella up from her class and her telling us "He has risen!" I love the fact that she is really starting to understand parts of the story.

We got to go to the Walker's house for lunch. We have spent every Easter lunch with the Walker's sense I was very little. I love that my kids are getting to do the same thing and going to grow up with this wonderful family.
Stella and Mr. T were having some snacks before lunch was ready. I am not sure what they were chatting about but they both seemed very interested in each other.

Rhett and Grandpa hanging out watching some sporting event on the TV. Well, I guess that Grandpa was listening and not really watching sense he can not really see the TV.
Rhett and Stella hanging out in the hearth room while all the women were chatting. Stella acting like a teenager playing on Jennifer's I phone. Lord Help Me!

This is Mr. Hayes. He is such a cute little guy.

We had a wonderful Easter and got to enjoy family and friends. The Lord has blessed us over and over again.