Saturday, April 3, 2010


We have spent today at my grandparents home cleaning. The house needs a little TLC and my family is all pitching in trying to get the job done. I have to give both Stella and Rhett huge props today for being amazing and really letting us get things done. We were lucky in the fact that the weather was so nice that Stella got to be outside in the fresh air most of the day. She was very excited that Grandpa Sam had bought six new calves and they were delivered today. I wonder how she will feel about it next spring when she realizes that those are the same calves that we are eating.

My grandfather is 90% blind but I have to say that he gets around and is really able to do most things. The thing that he does really good is hold the young ones. Rhett would hang out with him for hours or as long as Grandpa's arms will last.