Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No Nap for this Lady

Today I was trying to get Stella to take a nap and had put her down in her room. I had gone in her room once to find her naked and stepped in a large wet spot that I realized was pee pee. She had taken her diaper off and pee peed on my floor. GROSS! I got a new diaper on her and a shirt and put her back in bed hopping and praying that she would take a nap. I should have known it was just going to lead to more of a mess. When this little girl wants something she will get it. I have just moved all of the furniture in her room because she was using her bed to get up on top of this dresser. Well, she figured out to move her chair over and use the drawer to pull herself up on top it! This is how I found her, up on top of the dresser with socks all around her (that is what is in the top drawer) she had been trying them on. Diaper cream was all over her chair and she had no diaper on again. I guess I am just lucky that she did not pee pee anymore on the floor. After all of this I gave up on her taking a nap, I could not handle anymore messes!