Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

We were very lucky and got invited over to the Pianalto's house for New Years Eve. The kids got to play and the adults got to hang out. We had some wonderful spaghetti by the Mhoon family. The Field's and the Pellin's left a little early but us party animals (by this I mean the ones of us that stayed up past nine) stayed and played a fun game (which the women won!) We, of course, were home by 10:30 and had Stella in bed but I did ring in my New Year rocking the little man (maybe I should not call him a little man anymore sense at the Dr. today he weighed in at 18 pounds) to sleep. I have to say that was pretty good way to bring in the new year, cuddled up in the big chair rocking him in my arms. This is Miss Brooklyn Fields, is she not the cutest thing! I think that she everything that is opposite of my daughter.
Stella eating one of her green beans, she was not happy with my because the mean mom that I am was making her eat her dinner before she could have anything else. I later that evening found her under the table with a box of cookies the little sneak lucky for her, she had finished her dinner already.
Colby and Stella were so funny, they would take all of Colby's stuffed animals and hide and then jump out.

Alison I just had to put this in here! It made me laugh but you will probably want to yell at me later.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful New Years eve!