Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas at our families lake house with Gigi, Pappi, Grandpa Sam, Grandma Mary, Uncle Kyle, and Uncle Mike. Christmas eve my mom (Gigi) and I spent most of it getting ready for the next day. Stella joined us for a while in the kitchen helping make some of the chess pie. Rhett was hanging out with the guys watching TV. I have to say that this year was a lot of fun because Stella understood more of what was going on and that Santa would be here soon.

Stella was trying to get everyone to come with her to fee the reindeer.
For some reason she was lining them up on the railing. We kept telling her to just throw them out on to the grass but she was not having any of it.

It was time to leave some cookies for Santa.
Of course we had to make sure that they tasted good enough for him!
It started snowing so Jason and Stella wanted to play in it before bed time. (Great idea dad!)

Rhett sleeping through all the commotion.