Thursday, November 26, 2009


We had a pretty good Thanksgiving. We spent the weekend at our lake house in Branson, MO. I am really mad at myself because I did not take any photos this weekend. The two you see bellow are the only photos that got taken of the kids all weekend! I was sick and so was the rest of the family, no one was sleeping except for Rhett but only during the day! I have to say that I hope that Rhett's second Thanksgiving goes a little bit better for our family. Any way I did not get any photos except for Stella watching a movie and Rhett finally passed out from a crying fit! I have to say thought it was really good to see all of my family and to have some really yummy food. Stella enjoyed snacking off of everyones plate. She thought that my Uncle Mike was very cool and for some reason called him Michael all weekend! We have no idea were she got it from and none of us call him by his full name so it was pretty funny.