Sunday, November 22, 2009


We were getting ready for church Sunday morning and I wanted a photo of the kids because they looked really cute. Well, as you can see I did not get one of the together and they are in our very messy bedroom! At least Rhett was happy about getting a photo and Stella was more interested in eating breakfast.

I will fess up to the fact that she was really happy that we had breakfast food in our house again and was not going to do anything but eat. I had not been wanting to go to the store and shop for food and kept putting it off just making due with what we had, well she had had enough the day before when I had tried to feed her peanut butter crackers for breakfast! She said, "No, Thank you!" and wanted something else. I realized that I had to go to the store and could no longer put it off another moment, so she was a very happy girl when I gave her pancakes this Sunday morning.