Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Cayden and Payton!

Saturday we got to attend Princess Cayden and Princess Payton's birthday party. Cayden turned 5 and Payton was turning 2. It was a very special princess party, every little girls dream. Everyone got to have a turn getting their make up and nails done. I hope both girls had a wonderful day. 

All the princess loving the bubbles in the sky. 
Stella getting one of her first manicures from Miss Melanie. 

Stella may act like a princess but she got a little confused on were the crown was suppose to go. 
Trying to get a group photo of this many princess was a lot of work. 

The day ended with a prince and princess parade. The birthday girls got to drive off in a new pink car, could not have been more perfect. 


Gracie said...

I LOVE that black tutu - very chic!
I can not believe Cayden got a pink Mustang - ok really I can, but still