Saturday, April 4, 2009

Emergency Room

This evening Stella got to take her first trip to the E.R. We do not have any photos of the fun experience because we did not think to take the camera in with us. Jason's aunt and uncle are in town and so all of the family was at our house hanging out and getting ready to go out to dinner. Jason was walking with Stella, holding her hand and she fell down. Stella was crying and crying and every time she moved her left arm she would freak out. After about 20 minutes of crying from Stella and Jason thinking that he had broke his daughters arm, we decided to skip dinner with the family and have a fun trip to the E.R. The whole car ride to the E.R. she cried every time we hit a bump or made a turn, we get there get checked in, still crying. They call us back after about 30 minutes of crying in the waiting room. Stella looks at the nurse that is talking to us and starts to giggle and moving her arm all over the place, two seconds with the Dr., she is fine. She had what we now know is called nurse maid elbow and it normally just takes a little bit to fix itself. Well, that was one very exhausting evening but very glad that Stella is just fine.  (Jason is also doing much better, we thought he was going to have a heart attack on the way to the E.R.)