Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Eggs!

Today we had some of Stella and I's friend's over for a little Easter egg party. It was really fun to see all the kids playing together and it was so great to be able to have some adult time also. Stella really liked dying the eggs but also did not understand why they were not suppose to be banged on the table. A big thanks to Melanie who was so good at helping the kids all decorate their eggs. Thanks to Jamie for reminding me how to dye eggs, I can not believe how long it has been sense I did this.  

Payton was not having such a great afternoon, those teeth were not being so nice to her. 
Cayden and Cheryl, looking wonderful as always.
Stella hates for her hands to be dirty, a little bit of dye got on her hand and she was not thrilled.

I love this photo because I love when Stella sits like this, which is a lot. I love how her little toes curl up and just think she looks so sweet.

Conner making some pretty cool eggs. 

Melanie helping Conner and Cayden get the stickers on their dry eggs. 
Stella just taking it all in, with a little milk and a lot of "nacks"

Parker was done with the eggs. 
Some how I think that these two were up to no good, Stella had lost her bow and had turned into her punk self with a mohawk.
Conner thought the tutus made great hats and wants one made for him but it must have batman on it of course!