Monday, December 1, 2008

Pink Potty

We bought a pink potty today! Stella is only 17 months old and I think that this might be a little early for potty training but she has started telling us poo poo or pee pee when she goes in her diaper. I thought that if she can tell me she has gone then maybe we should at least start trying to potty train. I do understand that this is really early and am not going to be upset if it does not happen, I am going to probably be very laid back about the whole thing but if it does work I WON'T HAVE TO CHANGE DIAPERS!

So, today we bought the pink potty, I thought that Stella would like it because really what princess in her right mind would not want to do her business on a pretty pink potty. We got it home, I put it together and let her look at it and play with it for a little bit. Tonight we went to diner with my parents and when we got home it was time for bed. I was putting her pj's on her and thought hey lets try out that pink potty, I put her on it, she looks at me and smiles, stands up, turns around and pees on the bathroom floor! I had to laugh, I figure at least she was in the bathroom and standing next to her pretty pink potty, maybe next time we will go in the pretty pink potty or maybe she thinks the pretty pink potty is too pretty to potty in and we will have to go and get and ugly green one!


Melissa said...

These are the pottys we have too. They are great until she tries to dump it out in the big potty like she sees momma doing! Or goes in the potty and brings it to show you. Or forgets to flip the cushion around pees all over the floor (oh wait...that was Keaton)! Good luck!