Friday, December 26, 2008

18 months

Today my baby girl is 18 months! This just seems so crazy to me, I can not believe how much she has changed and grown up, I want my baby back! These are just a few updates for family on what she is up to now.

1.)Stella still loves puppies with all her heart, she does not like for them to be put outside or locked in a room with out her, she will stand at the door and cry for them to be let back in.

2.)Stella loves to be set free, the moment she started walking she was running, anytime that she can be outside and just be free she is the happiest little girl.(This is also when you can get the most amazing photos of her)

3.)Stella hates for her hands be dirty, if anything gets on them she is making sure that you clean them off.

4.)Stella has 12 teeth but pretty sure she is working on some new ones.

5.)Stella is very loud! There is no volume control, we are working on this but have not made very much progress as of yet.

6.)Stella loves to give you big hugs, hugs that knock other children larger than herself over. This is a new thing, she did not like to give any kind of love for the longest time so Mom and Dad are just loving the hugs. She is still very stingy with the kisses but hugs will do for now.

7.)Stella loves her Uncle Kyle, the moment he walks into a room she is all over him and gets very angry when he leaves and she can not find him.

8.)Stella can now tell you when she has peepee or poopood in her diaper. We are going to start the potty training for real at the begining of the year even though it really scares mom to think about it.

9.)Stella has begun to throw some major fits! I am not sure were than temper comes from but the girl has a huge one when she does not get her way.

10.)Stella loves any form of electronics, cell phones and remote controlles being her favorite. She also knows when you have given her a fake phone to use and lets you know that she is smarter than you think!

11.)Stella has a new word, No No, but you have to say it very drawn out and slow, you then have to procede to spank her babies leg. (Hhmm not sure were she would have learned this!)

12.)Stella loves to draw! Anytime I need to have just a few moments to myself to get things done, give her some colors and paper.

13.)Stella it seems is going to be left handed, anytime you hand her a fork or writing utensil it goes in her left hand to be used. She feeds herself with her left hand, everything is left handed. This is making her daddy very worried about this costing him more money, mom thinks this just makes her that much more special.

14.)Stella loves her daddy, she walks around the house saying his name and looking for him when he is at work, the moment he walks in the door she is full of smiles and hugs for him. Daddy is Stella's hero.

15.)Stella is getting more and more blonde hair! She looks like a little dandoline when she is running around with all the blonde fluff on top of her head.

16.)Stella does not like carrottes but loves green beans, we go through green beans like you would not believe at our house. She is also really likeing bananas more and more.

17.)Stella loves to to carry bags around, anytime she finds an empty bag she picks it up and carries it over her arm like a purse.

18.)Stella does not sit in a high chair anymore, she is big stuff and sits in a big girl seat at the table with mom and dad.