Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mother's Day Out

Monday Stella got to attend Mother's Day Out for the first time at our church. It was great! This is a photo of her that morning before we left the house. Stella does not do mornings and I had to wake her up to get there on time so she is looking like a zombie in this photo but hey at least I got one! They said that she did great and told everyone Buh Bye when they came to the door.

OK here is the funny thing, they give you this report card when you pick them up that is like a chart that tells you hour by hour when they sleep, dirty a diaper, what kind of diaper, food, bottle all this stuff, I was a little overwhelmed, should I be keeping track of when she does all of this stuff and giving Jason a chart when he gets home at night? Are there parents out there that keep track of all of this stuff, I am thinking that they probably have ulcers. Dear Lord, I am just happy if her head is still attached to her body at the end of the day and no broken bones we are doing good. Needless to say Mother's day out was a wonderful experience and we can not wait for next week!


Gracie said...

Nice first day of school outfit - already in Razorback Red!!!

I think you might should add to your list of things that make it a positive day at MDO - Stella's head adornments do not get lost or stolen by jealous moms!