Saturday, June 28, 2008

Birthday Party!

Today was Stella's birthday party. It was a lot of fun, we are blessed with a great family and friends. Thank you to everyone for coming and all the donations for the Benton County Children's Shelter. (OK the pics are all out of order, can not figure out how to fix it) Every Princess should go for a ride in her carriage before the grand event!

Stella and Mrs. Lynn
The cake. (note to self, black icing is not such a great idea!)

The kids having a great time in Stella's room

Aunt Gracie did a great job of putting Dunning to sleep.

I can not believe how big Gabe is getting and Alison (his mother) looks so good.
The ladies, my mother, Martha and Erin.

Lots of fun with the Pinata Lorena made. Thanks sis!

Cake time!

Jason and I helped Stella blow out her candle this year.

After cake we had to change into a new outfit.


Faizal Rahman said...

that cake looks yummy

Anonymous said...

Sis!! You did an awesome job! Great party and good times.
Happy Bday Stella!
We love you!
Loves from Siloam Springs ; )