Wednesday, June 11, 2008


How do I teach my daughter the good guys from the bad guys? I want my daughter to be with a man not a boy. I know that I hopefully have many years to worry about this, my husband is probably totally having a heart attack at just the thought of his little Stella talking to boys. Today, I think that I heard some of the best advice possible to give a young girl on the subject of boys, ignore what they say but pay attention to what they do. A boy can talk the talk but a man has the actions to follow his words. They say that they are a family person, but do they call their parents and visit their grandparents. He can say that he has manners but does he open the door for you, does he pull out your chair. He can say that he is a christian but does he go to a church and worship, does he pray for your future. Stella please remember that the actions always speak of the person, ignore the words but remember the actions.