Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Jason, Papi and Grandpa Sam took Stella and Rhett to the rodeo this evening. Before the big night Gigi, Papi and the great grandparents had gone out and gotten them new boots and hats because you have to be fully decked out to attend the rodeo! The kids thought it was awesome to have boots and hats. Stella and Rhett let me take a couple of photos before they headed out to watch the show. 
 I have to say that this photo totally shows my kids in a nut shell from the day they were born. Stella is strong, independent women, her love language is words of encouragement and praise. She does not "love" to cuddle or touch, if she holds your hand you know it is a BIG deal, but when she speaks listen because she shows all her love in verbal form. Stella can get in trouble but it does not let it show that it bothers her, she is just emotional tough. I am not saying that she does not get upset but it just takes a lot more for her to really let it show that she is upset, when she is having a a moment of upset you know that she is really at her limit and to stop and listen because its a BIG deal.  Rhett is such a genital soul. He loves to cuddle, to be held, to play with your hair, he does not like to be alone, his love language is touch! When he wakes in the morning, there is nothing more that he wants than to climb into your lap and just sit for a while, he would do this all day if you would let him. Rhett is very emotional, you can just get onto him and he is so upset, when he gets in trouble or hurt the only way to get him to calm or stop crying is with a touch, a hug. They are both such different individuals but I would not have it any other way, they are both so different, so unique and I love them both so much for those differences.
 Rhett thinks that Stella is wonderful, he pretty much does whatever she says to do, it does not matter if it is a good idea or a bad idea! They are the best of friends and at moments the best of enemies. My brother and I are almost 8 years apart. It is kind of like we were only children at times because there is such a large age gap, we were just both doing different things at different stages of life. When I was in college and he in high school we really became good friends and supported each other. It also made me realize that I wanted my kids to be closer in age. It is crazy at times around this house 3 kids under 6 but I see how much fun they have playing with each other and that no matter what they have best friends at home with them. It is totally entertaining to watch the girl/boy interaction, to know that they will be there for each other, that family always comes first before outside members.
 Stella is at the stage in life that she loves to pose for photos! She thinks that she is a super model.