Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

We had a WONDERFUL 4th of July, it was really laid back and relaxing. We drove up to the lake house late the night before, so we slept in and went out on the lake later in the day. The kids love to be on the boat. Cy took a nap while we took a boat ride, then we stopped for a little swimming and headed back to the dock and house. We took naps and then went into town for dinner, groceries and some firework watching. All in all it was a great day. 

 Stella was not patient enough to wait for me to cut the tag off her glasses!
 Stella and Rhett call the middle of the lake on a boat ride, their happy place! I could not agree more!

 When we got back from the lake Cy fell down walking into the house and was really upset, we thought it was just because he was really tired and hot.He had a little bit of a rash starting on his body but we thought it was from the heat and gave him some benadryl. We put him down for a nap and did not think about it again. Everyone wakes up from naps, gets ready to head to town for food and we realize that why Cy was so upset was because when he fell down he had burned his arm and hand on the metal plate at the bottom of the door to the house. He had huge bubbles on his arm and on the pad of each finger! I felt so bad that I did not realize it for a couple hours after it had happened. Poor guy was not a real happy campier but he did let us have a decent meal out.

 The kids love the bass pro restaurant at the landing because they get to feed the fish while we wait on a table.
Stella and Jason, this girl loves her daddy! She also kept telling us that she was not feeling good at dinner, we finally realized that she was also running a fever while we were eating dinner! We were not doing so hot with our parenting skills this evening but everyone is still alive so I guess we are still a little ahead of the game!