Saturday, July 13, 2013

Daddy's Helper

 Rhett loves his daddy, he wants to do everything that Jason does and I love it! I love to watch the two of them doing things together. Jason is an amazing father to our children and the example that he sets on a daily bases is one for the books, he shows them in so many ways that he loves them no matter what happens in life. Jason also shows them such a great example of working hard for what you want in life, not just for big things but even for small things. Jason is great about letting the kids get out and help him with projects because how else are they going to learn these kinds of work ethics if we don't start now, it also teaches them to take pride in our home because they had a hand in making it a home to be proud to call home. This weekend Jason and I decided to tackle the flower beds, they needed to have the weeds pulled, some plants needed to be planted and then we needed to add a ton of mulch. I pulled the weeds, Jason dug the holes and planted the plants, and Jason, Rhett and I put out the mulch. I think Rhett had a blast being outside and helping his daddy.