Thursday, May 17, 2012

Big Sister

Stella is the BIG SISTER! It is so funny, you would think that Stella had never had a new baby in our home before, I guess she does not remember Rhett being a baby. She is totally different this time around, with Rhett she wanted nothing to do with him and with Cy she will not leave him alone. 
 Stella has asked and said so many funny things. The day before I was to have Cy we were watching a show on TV and for some reason they showed the live birth of a horse, she turns to me and says "Mommy, that horse just had a baby out of it's poopie!Is our baby going to come out of your poopie?" I love being a mom and the wonderful uncomfortable questions that you get asked. I just said kinda and she was fine with that answer, thank you Jesus! I don't want to lie but at the same time how much is to much at this age?
 She is very curious about the fact that I am breast feeding her brother. She wants to be able to feed him and I have had to explain over and over that only mommy's ta ta's have milk in them but when he is ready for a bottle I will let her do that, she is very frustrated with me on this fact. I love that she wants to help. She told her Gigi today "I am the big sister, only I can touch him, you must leave him along Gigi" I love that she loves him because I have to admit that I was very worried about it being another boy that she was going to have major issues.
You will notice that there are no photos of Rhett with Cy, well, he pretty much wants to look at him from a distance, he gives him a kiss every once in a while and that is the extent of his involvement. Rhett is much more into the fact that daddy is home to play with him right now. He does freak out whenever Cy cries and screams at me, "Mommy, what you do to him??" It is pretty funny and cute how he does not want anything to really do with him but at the same time he wants him to be OK.