Saturday, May 12, 2012

New things

Rhett got a new big boy bed this weekend. The last week has been horrible for some reason Rhett decided that his crib was for the birds and would not sleep in it, this made for some challenges for a very pregnant mommy! We decided to go ahead and convert it into a big boy bed and see what happened. Well, he was one very happy boy and started sleeping again! You know it would only happen to me that three days before giving birth to our third child our second makes a major change, life is never simple but it sure is fun! 
 I think that Stella might have been more excited that he was!
 We spent this afternoon over at my parents house. We celebrated mother's day with my grandparents (for some reason I got NO photos of them) and my brother and his family came over to spend some time. My Mom was very excited to have all her grandkids in one spot and be able to love on them.

 Rhett kept begging to hold Braxton, Braxton was not sure what he thought about it all.
 Stella got to feed him! Braxton thought she was wonderful because she had food, she thought she was wonderful because she was holding and feeding him.

I love how serious she looks in the photo, this is a very important job and she is going to do it the right way, she does not need help from anyone else.