Friday, May 11, 2012

Backyard Family Time

We had the BEST evening! It was just us, a family of four with one more on the one, enjoying our backyard, fresh air, beautiful weather and being with one another. I think that sometimes I forget that the simple things can make some of the greatest memories in my children's lives. I bought the kids a pool for the backyard and Jason was getting it blown up and ready to be used this weekend, we had some races across the backyard, played a little tag and climbed on the swing set. There was a lot of laughter and silliness had by all, I love my family! 

 Rhett was telling us something very important

 I love that they will hold hands, OK lets be honest, Rhett was holding Stella's hand out of love and trust, Stella was holding Rhett's hand to make sure that she beat him in the race, if you are holding on to your opponent then they can not get a head of you and you can jerk them back and always be the winner!

 Rhett is playing his new game of eye spy