Saturday, February 4, 2012


Just a few things for Rhett:

1.) When I look at you I see my heart. You make my world go round. I was so worried that when I got pregnant the second time I worried about if I would have enough love to give but the moment that I saw you that worry went out the door. You complete are family in so many ways, I can not imagine life with out you in it. You have taught me there is no limit on the amount of love a person can feel.

2.) I will be happy to allow you to wear glitter shoes, hair bows, pink dresses and anything else that makes you happy.  I am learning to understand that in your eyes these things are just that "things". At this moment and time they make you happy and really that is all that matters. (Now, I do realize that later in life, the fact that you wore all of these items of your sister will totally make you turn red in the face, there for I will be taking lots of photos to share should you think of acting naughty to share with all of your friends, this is what any good mother would do!)

3.) Your penis is attached to your body, it is not going any were, you may let go of it! It is not a gun to shoot your sister with, though I admit it is funny to listen to her scream with outrage that you would dream of doing something like this to her the princess! Really the only thing that I ever want to know about you shooting with your penis is the hole in the back of the toilet, if you could just hit that hole with your stream of urine I would be a very proud mother.

4.) Have fun! Make a mess! Learn something! (Now this comment just  made your daddy lose a few more hairs sense he is thinking of all the messes that you can make while learning something that he is going to have to help clean up!)

5.) Clean up after yourself. I do not care what you become, how much money you make, were life leads you, I hope that you are never the man that does not know how to pick up his underwear off the floor, put his dishes in the dish washer, iron your own clothing, cook your own food. It might be nice to have someone to do these things for you but be man enough to do them for yourself.

6.)Love others for just how they are at that moment. Never laugh at someone because they don't have the correct answer, help them out. Don't be mean because someone can not keep up, help them to get from point A to point B. Realize that just because someone is not just like you, they have qualities in life that are just as good as yours.

7.)Words of love are always the best. In a world that moves so fast, that is always about the bigger and the better. Some moments it is better to just step back and give words of love that those around us can carry with them and remember forever.

8.) It is OK to show your emotions. Weather it be happiness, laughter, sadness, tears, anger, it is always OK to show how you are feeling. A lot of men in this world think that they are to manly to show others their sadness and tears but really it only makes you more of a man to not be afraid to show how you are really feeling. We are not always happy and it is OK to show that to others.

9.)All those girls that you will some day date and love, remember that they are someones daughter, sister, friend. Always treat them like you would want a young man to treat your daughter, sister or friend. Some of the young ladies that you will meet along the way may have lost the respect for themselves but this does not give you the right to be disrespectful to them, it only means that you should be more of a man and show them what it really means to respect ones self. No matter were you are I will always find out if you mistreat a women that you come across and let me tell you no women will ever be scarier than if your momma finds out your did not respect them.

10.) Keep your faith. This is a big, big world with a lot going on, moves really fast but remember each day to stop and thank the maker for what he has blessed you with that day. No matter how great you become the Lord our God is always greater.

11.) Were ever life takes you, you can always come home, I will always be here with open arms and a heart full of love.