Monday, January 2, 2012


(I'm not sure why but my photos are uploading in the wrong order but oh well) Stella amazes me each day with how smart of a young lady she is becoming. (I know that I am her mom but she is a genius!) This evening she was showing her brother how to put a puzzle together on the floor. This is one of the first puzzles that has multiple pieces that is not on a board and she put it together with no problems. Well, other than her brother throwing the pieces under the couch were she could not find them, isn't that what brothers are suppose to do though.                                       

 Yes, my son spends 99% of his time in his boxers. I put clothing on him and then he just takes it off. When he is 16 and sees all these photos and gets mad that he is always in his underwear he can just be mad at himself that he would not keep clothing on his body.