Wednesday, January 25, 2012


And He will be called... Cyler Ward Skarsten or "Cy" by family and friends. We are very excited that we have finally decided on a name for littlest boy to arrive in May. (by the way this is the only photo that you will ever see of my belly, I can not even believe that I allowed Jason to take these!)

 Someone with a much cutter belly wanted in on the action! She just cracks me up some days.

This is totally for my children to have for the future. I do not think that I have ever put on here how we came up with each of their names and want them to have that little piece about themselves.

Stella Emory: I remember when I first told people that they did not LOVE the name Stella but those same people today can not imagine her as anything else! Stella has been a name that I loved for a little girl sense I was a young girl. My great grandmother was a wonderful women, I got to spend  a lot of time with her being the only child, grandchild and great grandchild for the first seven and half years of my life. She did not work so while everyone else was off at work in the summer I would hang out with her, she would tell me stories about her life but she always told me about a friend that she had growing up named Stella. I thought that she must have been the most amazing lady. When we found out we were having a girl I new that that name was at the top of my list, you daddy was not so sure but when I told him that the name Stella means "star" in Italian he agreed that it was a perfect name for the little star that was to be born in our lives. Emory was a name that your daddy loved and I liked so we kind of came to the agreement that I could have Stella for your first name and he could have Emory for your middle name. The reason that Emory is spelled with an o is because there is a resort near our lake home that is called the Emory and that is were the name was first put into our heads. It turns out that we could not have done a more perfect job of picking a name for our baby girl. We love you Stella Emory Skarsten!

Rhett Samuel: I remember when  I found out that we were having a boy as our second child, I was so excited but so nervous about what name we would pick. It seemed so much more challenging than a little girl because we all think and hope that at some point our little girl will grow up and get married and take the name of her husband, so in reality at some point it will change to some degree but a boy, that name they have the for the next 100 years or more! Well, Rhett you got stuck with another name that was your mommy all over it, it comes from her romantic heart, as you will know as you grow up I have always and will probably continue to love a good love story well, what better story of love than Gone with the Wind. I loved the name the moment I thought of it, it was good, strong, and manly but it had that story of love behind it. It also sounded pretty good with our monster of a last name! Your daddy agreed because he thought it would sound good some day when you play sports over a loud speaker! Samuel came from my grandfather, you Papi's father, he is a wonderful man that no matter what life gives us has always stood by his family and loved them. I could not have thought of a better man for you to share a part of your name. He was so excited about your birth and loves every moment that he gets to spend with you. So, Rhett Samuel you were named and could not be more perfect. We love you so much for all the days of our lives.

Cyler "Cy" Ward: When I found out I was going to have a third child I was blessed, when I found out I was having another boy I was so STRESSED, not because I did not want you but because I had no clue where to even start looking for a name! I knew how hard it had been with Rhett and it was even harder with you! Well, as you grow and learn that this family is a baseball family from the start to the finish. You are named for one of the greatest pitchers of all time Cy Young. We chose to name you Cyler because I wanted you to have a strong name for when you get older but as a boy and more than likely as a man to your family and friends you will be known as Cy. I love it and think and hope that you will love it just as much as we do. Ward is a family name, It was the maiden name of my mother's paternal grandmother and it was also the maiden name of my father's maternal grandmother. I loved the fact that you like Rhett will carry a part of my family in your name. Cyler "Cy" Ward Skarsten we are so excited about your arrival and love you so much!