Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Splash Park

Today was a very fun day at the splash park. I meet up with four of my favorite ladies and let the kids run around an play. We got to talk a little and the kids had so much fun in the water.

I have to tell on my son, I thought I was going to DIE of embarrassment today. I was playing with him and poking his belly, he was giggling like the dough boy. Well, there was this adorable little girl standing watching us wearing a cute little swim suit that showed her belly and the next thing I know, Rhett is poking her in the belly! She, of course, runs away to her mother, she was probably traumatized for life! We had to have a talk about the fact that you don't poke girls in the belly button just because you think they are nice looking, there are much better ways to go around letting the ladies know that you like them!

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