Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Laughing at Life

There are days like today that I just have to laugh at life, I'm pretty sure that God has a good laugh at my life too. God was probably really giggling when he gave me a wild little boy to go along with my drama queen of a daughter.

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I will admit that today, I was being a little on the lazy. I was letting the kids watch some cartoons while I grabbed a shower. It never fails that if Rhett is awake when I get in the shower, I get about 5 minutes before the little fellow is naked and joining me. It was funny the first time this happened but now, I will be honest, I would really like to be able to shave BOTH my legs! Anyway, this morning like every other morning Rhett joined me in the shower and was just playing away, I got out and left him in the shower while I got dressed for the day.

Stella walked in the bathroom and goes "I want to get in the shower and play." I thought OK, I had been planning on getting out the sprinkler for them to play in today anyway but that meant I would have to go out and pick up all the dog droppings from out lab Max. Letting her get in the shower and play was kind of like playing in a sprinkler just in the house and meant less work for me! (Remember I said I was feeling very lazy)

Both kids are playing in the shower having a great time, I'm in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher, going back in forth to check on them. All the sudden I hear Stella screaming, "Mommy" at the top of her lungs, freaking out. I come running into the bathroom just sure that my great idea of letting the kids have sprinkler time in our shower has some how ended up with a trip to the ER.

Well, I get in the bathroom, heart beating out of my chest, to find Stella standing on the shower seat pointing at the floor of the shower and Rhett giggling away. It took me a moment to calm down and realize that both kids were fine, and clue into what Stella is pointing at and freaking out about. She finally says to me in a very drawn out dramatic way, that only a little girl raised in the south could possibly say "Mommy, Rhett POOPED in the shower!" and then repeated it no less than 20 times. I look at Rhett who has the most proud look on his face saying, Yes Mame I pooped in the shower and it was awesome!

Well, that ended my fun idea of the kids having sprinkler time in the shower. I am pretty sure that Stella won't be joining her brother in the shower anytime soon. Thought I was going to get out of cleaning up poop but just ended up cleaning up more!

What a joy it is to have a girl and boy and the differences that they bring to each experience.