Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Minor

The reason that we have been in Florida all week is for my baby brothers wedding! I am very excited to say that my brother is now a HUSBAND! I have to admit that is kind of crazy to think about but I am so happy for him and Brandi and the wonderful future that they will have together.

S&R 208

Rhett and Stella were part of the wedding party, I will be the first to admit that I was a nervous wreck about what they would do during the wedding but they were both really good!

S&R 232

Kyle and his grooms men

S&R 238

Bob, the best man, I have to tell you that he is amazing with my kids. Stella calls him Bob the Tomato.
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The bride and her daddy

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S&R 283

Stella was very excited that Lorena and Jeff and their kids got to come to the wedding and play with her.

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S&R 336

Jacob did part of the service which was really neat because he and my brother have been best friends sense little boys.

S&R 353

Jason did their vows with them. I have to say that both guys did a great job and it was a wonderful service.
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S&R 406

S&R 409

I'm pretty sure that my daughter said "Oh GROSS!" at this moment.

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S&R 441

S&R 446

S&R 492

Father and Mother of the Bride

S&R 507

Never leave these two alone for long, bad things can happen

S&R 556

Bride, Groom, and my parents

S&R 560

Kyle with Mom and Dad

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S&R 579-1

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Brooklyn and Stella were the two flower girls

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Danny said...

Great pictures !!!!
A beautiful bride and a very handsome groom
Thanks for posting the pics.