Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween! Stella was very clear in the fact that she wanted to be a princess this year for Halloween. That was not a hard costume to come up with around this house and we made Rhett be her frog. I thought that it would be OK because we live in Arkansas, the only state that it is probably OK for your brother to be your prince charming! Just kidding. Stella looked very pretty all done up and Rhett made a very handsome frog. Very excited about her hair and make up!

We took the kids to our local mall for trick or treating. Stella was very scared of some of the costumes but did very good at going up and saying "Trick or Treat" to the people handing out candy.
Funny side note, I forgot all about needing a bag for candy, (this was our first year to go door to door) on the way out the door Jason asked me if I had one, I ran back into the house and grabbed an empty tote bag out of my closet to use. It was too big and I had planned on just carrying it for her but let me tell you about a little lady that is very serious about her candy, she was not going to let anyone touch that bag! Gigi was with us at the mall and when we got back to her house, Gigi went upstairs and made a bag for her to use the rest of the evening!
Tired princess that does not want her photo taken.

She will pose with her brother for a piece of candy, just so you know when you tell her that she will get the candy for taking her photo with her brother you have to be clear on the fact that it needs to be a good photo, if you are not this is what you end up with, does Rhett not look like he is afraid of what she might do to him!

There is my handsome little frog, he would not keep the hood on his head.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


It was a cartoon morning with two grumpy kids! Can you tell Stella was wanting me to put the camera down because the TV was blue and not showing their movie? She has such and attitude!Jason and I were lucky, we got to have a nice evening out while the kids hung out with Gigi and Pappi. Jason and I went to the University of Arkansas Homecoming football game. It was so much fun, manly because we won, how can you not have a good time when the Razorbacks are winning the game! The kids had a great time with Gigi and Pappi, thank you very much for watching them!

Friday, October 29, 2010


A little lady in this house does not want to smile for the camera today. At least I was able to get a great shot of that large mouth, she gets it from her daddy, and all the noise that comes with it.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


It is always fun to set the camera to just shoot and see what I get, this morning yet was wanting breakfast, I was trying to get it for him but as you can see when it comes to food, you are never fast enough for this guy.

By the way can you believe that I have actually posted for 300 days in a row!!! I did this because everyone says with your second child that you take less and less photos and I wanted to make sure that Rhett's first part of Rhett's life is documented as good as Stella's was when she was a little lady.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is the monster t-shirt that I made today! Isn't he cute, well I guess monsters are not suppose to be cute but whatever! I am very excited to say that we have found a new program for the kids to attend and they start next Tuesday. I never thought that we would find a program for them this fast, I really thought we would be waiting until at least Jan. before we were able to get them in any were but we have gotten lucky and found a new place that I think will meet all of our needs. Stella is very excited which makes me happy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Stella was very proud of her shirt today. Mallory, my cousin, came to watch the kids while Jason and I went to bible study. Mallory is a freshman AOII at the U of A this year, I had this shirt made for Stella and she thought she was big stuff. Thank you Mallory for taking such good care of the kids this evening.

Today while Stella was a sleep, Rhett wanted to sit at the table and eat a snack. He thought he was big stuff and his sister would have a fit if she knew that he was using "her" table.

Monday, October 25, 2010


He is just a cute little guy hanging out with his mommy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


We have had a busy day with church and Colton's 1 birthday party! Happy Birthday Colton! I totally forgot my camera so have not photos of him digging into his cake but he did a great job.

This is what I found this evening, never knew that our dog crate would also work for out kids!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Saturday Jason and I lot our minds and thought it would be a great idea to take the kids to the Razorback football game! When I told Stella this week that we were taking her to the game she got very excited and said "We get to call the hogs, eat hot dogs, popcorn, hot dogs and a sprite?" I thought "WOW this could be a very expensive trip to the football stadium!" Really is was a lot of fun but a little crazy. We have season tickets that my family has had sense forever with my parents best friends which is really nice because we pretty much know everyone that sits around us and that the kids will not bother them to much. I have to say that the worst part is the fact that you have to walk to the game and carry them and then walk back to your car after the game carrying them. I have a suggestion for the suggestion box in the future, if you are going to make me have a ticket for my smaller children then you could at least allow me to have a stroller and a place to lock it up at the stadium. I thought that my arms were going to drop off by the time we got to the gate from carrying Rhett up and down the hills and we got to park pretty close this time around.

This was Rhett's first (of many I am sure) Razorback football game. We were playing Ole Miss, which is a really big game because our old coach, is now their coach and we do not care for his style of coaching. (Can you tell that I am trying to be diplomatic and nice) Stella and Rhett were dressed up in all their red and ready for the game but it was yucky rainy weather. The first half of the game was awesome and the rain held out for the first half of the game. Rhett got passed around and then Stella got to say hello to all her friends from past seasons. Stella got to have her hot dogs and popcorn and was very happy little girl. The game ended up having some rain delays and so we left during the first one, it had not actually started to rain but their was lightening, we thought it would be better to make it to the car with the kids before the rain actually started and I have to say we were smart because when we got to the parking garage it started to pour! We headed to Gigi and Papi's to watch the rest of the game in their dry house.
I just have to say way to go hogs! We may not have played the best of games but you pulled out a win in the end and that makes us some happy hog fans. It was a great day to be a razorback fan and a great first game for my little man!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Pretty low key day around here, this evening I got to go to BUNCO with some of my wonderful friends. It is so nice to get out once a month with the girls and just chat and laugh. Jason is such a wonderful dad and does daddy duty so that I can go and enjoy myself.

This is Mr. Bunny, he is very important in our life. We must take him every were we go not matter what, he makes a certain little boy very happy. Good thing I bought two of them so we can change him out and wash him with out Rhett getting upset and not able to find him.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


It has been a little stressful around the house for this mommy but I am starting to feel a little better about life. Stella has been really struggling at school and to be honest I have been struggling with taking her to school. I just feel like she never has a "good" day. When I pick her up each day it is just the same thing over and over that she has a lot of attitude and is in time out a lot. I get attitude from her but it is mostly when she is having to do something that she does not want to do, we talk through it and work it out.

On Monday I had a meeting with her teachers but it just was not very informative and did not make me leave feeling like we had any better of a plan in place. After a lot of thought and prayer and talking with Jason we decided that it was time to make some changes. We have loved the program that Stella and Rhett have been in over the past three year and it was really hard for us but we decided that at this time things were just not working for us and that it was time for us to take the kids out and find a new location that might be able to better handle Stella and her attitude.
It makes me sad that we will not be going there anymore, I think of all the wonderful teachers that she has had and that Rhett will miss out on but I have to say once we made the decision it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I knew that in my heart that we had made the right decision for us and our family. Stella is a very bright, happy and loving child, yes, she has a very strong will but it just needs to be guided in the correct direction with love and kindness.
We are looking for a new program for the kids. I am not stressed about the kids being home with me all the time and not getting a break, them going to school is more for them than for me. Yes, I love the break and to be able to get some things done with out them under foot but I love how much they learn from others and how they learn to act with other children.

These photos are from this morning, about a 30 second span of time, you can see all the different thoughts going on with Stella. Her face is a book that I love to ready.