Saturday, October 23, 2010


Saturday Jason and I lot our minds and thought it would be a great idea to take the kids to the Razorback football game! When I told Stella this week that we were taking her to the game she got very excited and said "We get to call the hogs, eat hot dogs, popcorn, hot dogs and a sprite?" I thought "WOW this could be a very expensive trip to the football stadium!" Really is was a lot of fun but a little crazy. We have season tickets that my family has had sense forever with my parents best friends which is really nice because we pretty much know everyone that sits around us and that the kids will not bother them to much. I have to say that the worst part is the fact that you have to walk to the game and carry them and then walk back to your car after the game carrying them. I have a suggestion for the suggestion box in the future, if you are going to make me have a ticket for my smaller children then you could at least allow me to have a stroller and a place to lock it up at the stadium. I thought that my arms were going to drop off by the time we got to the gate from carrying Rhett up and down the hills and we got to park pretty close this time around.

This was Rhett's first (of many I am sure) Razorback football game. We were playing Ole Miss, which is a really big game because our old coach, is now their coach and we do not care for his style of coaching. (Can you tell that I am trying to be diplomatic and nice) Stella and Rhett were dressed up in all their red and ready for the game but it was yucky rainy weather. The first half of the game was awesome and the rain held out for the first half of the game. Rhett got passed around and then Stella got to say hello to all her friends from past seasons. Stella got to have her hot dogs and popcorn and was very happy little girl. The game ended up having some rain delays and so we left during the first one, it had not actually started to rain but their was lightening, we thought it would be better to make it to the car with the kids before the rain actually started and I have to say we were smart because when we got to the parking garage it started to pour! We headed to Gigi and Papi's to watch the rest of the game in their dry house.
I just have to say way to go hogs! We may not have played the best of games but you pulled out a win in the end and that makes us some happy hog fans. It was a great day to be a razorback fan and a great first game for my little man!