Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween! Stella was very clear in the fact that she wanted to be a princess this year for Halloween. That was not a hard costume to come up with around this house and we made Rhett be her frog. I thought that it would be OK because we live in Arkansas, the only state that it is probably OK for your brother to be your prince charming! Just kidding. Stella looked very pretty all done up and Rhett made a very handsome frog. Very excited about her hair and make up!

We took the kids to our local mall for trick or treating. Stella was very scared of some of the costumes but did very good at going up and saying "Trick or Treat" to the people handing out candy.
Funny side note, I forgot all about needing a bag for candy, (this was our first year to go door to door) on the way out the door Jason asked me if I had one, I ran back into the house and grabbed an empty tote bag out of my closet to use. It was too big and I had planned on just carrying it for her but let me tell you about a little lady that is very serious about her candy, she was not going to let anyone touch that bag! Gigi was with us at the mall and when we got back to her house, Gigi went upstairs and made a bag for her to use the rest of the evening!
Tired princess that does not want her photo taken.

She will pose with her brother for a piece of candy, just so you know when you tell her that she will get the candy for taking her photo with her brother you have to be clear on the fact that it needs to be a good photo, if you are not this is what you end up with, does Rhett not look like he is afraid of what she might do to him!

There is my handsome little frog, he would not keep the hood on his head.