Saturday, October 2, 2010


Today was a very busy day for this family. We first had Claire's 3 birthday party at the U of A gymnastic center. It was a very good time for everyone. That evening we went over to the Pianalto's house to hang out, let the kids run wild and enjoy some adult conversation. It was a busy day but a very fun one at that.
Claire and Stella are so much a like, you tell them to smile and they make some goofy face!
Rhett is just about to walk, he will stand on his own but not move.

Rhett had so much fun just crawling all over the place, the floor also has springs and he thought that bouncing on it was pretty cool too.

DKP was helping the girls feed the deer and showing him that the sunflower seeds were growing in the yard. They thought it was pretty cool stuff.

They played all afternoon on these "mountains"
These were their scary faces.

Jason in the kitchen, does that really surprise anyone?
The girls like to play Dr., Kelly was lucky because it was her turn to be the Dr. rather than the patient.