Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here Comes Trouble

I thought today was going to be such a great day. We had no plans and were just going to relax at the house. The first sign of a crazy day was while I was brushing my teeth Stella found some sunscreen and decided that it would do a great job of cleaning my counters. Yes, she is able to climb up on the stools in the kitchen. I walked out to her telling me, "Mommy, I wash"After I got that mess cleaned up we spent a good portion of the day outside playing in her pool and other outdoors toys. She was having a lot of fun and it seemed that the day was making a turn for the better.

We go inside and have lunch and nap time. While Stella is down for her nap I decided to go and pick up the backyard a little bit and I remembered that she had taken my cell phone out and put it on one of the chairs, I thought, not my luck, she had left it on the ground and our lab thought it would make a wonderful lunch! Needless to say I was not making any calls for the rest of the afternoon. Well, miss thing woke up with the energy like you would not believe! She would not stay off the couch and ended up knocking her father's wedding ring into the kitchen sink, thankfully it just went into the disposal and I was able to get it out. While I was working on getting it out of the sink, she went into our bathroom and found my self tanner, I guess she was feeling a little pale today and decided to put it all over her face and arms, and of course my floor! So, off we go for a bath. While the water is running I was putting spray and wash on her clothing and cleaning some of the mess up in my bathroom, Stella was busy adding things to the bath tub. Things like three of her baby dolls, two of mommies shirts, and other such items! Once again, she said, "Mommy, I wash". Apparently we are doing a lot of washing at our house and things should be nice and clean!
These are photos of her after her bath sitting on the stool that had been moved to the living room so I could clean up the mess with out her getting in to everything. I think that at this point in the day even she was ready for daddy to get home because all she had heard from me all day was "Stella, no no!"
Everyone keeps telling me that I just need to wait until I have a boy running around, well for those people they have never meet my daughter. I think that she is faster and has more energy than any little boy could ever dream of having. (Did I just jinx myself into have one crazy little boy?)

P.S. Thanks Gracie for bringing me your old phone to use until I am able to get a new one!