Monday, June 22, 2009

Stella loves her Maddie

Stella love her Maddie but Maddie does not love her Stella. A lot of people know that Maddie was my first baby, I love her so much but as many people told me Stella has to come first. A couple of months ago we had to take Maddie to live at Gigi and Papa's house because Stella was wanting to love on Maddie way to much and a little to rough for a three pound dog. Maddie ended up trying to bite Stella and so we thought that we should stop things before something really bad happened. Needless to say when we are at Gigi and Papa's house Stella just want her some Maddie love so bad and the other day she was able to get it for the first time! I do not think that Maddie will ever be able to come back to our house but at least she might be able to to tolerate Stella a little bit better. I was very excited to see my two favorite girls sitting with each other I must say.