Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today was a GREAT day at our house!

OK, everyone else in America is talking about our new president but at our house we have news that is so much better and more exciting. Stella pooped on the potty! Yes, my baby girl sat down on the potty and dig a great big poop! I am so proud, and Gracie will be happy to know that I did not take a photo. So, while all you crazy people are all excited about the president at our house we are dancing around celebrating our first poop on the potty!

Yes, Stella I am aware that in 16 years from now this post will embarrass you to no end but I am one proud mama and you can just get over it.


Lynn said...

Yes it is a good thing you didn't post that pic! I think Children's Services may have come a-knocking at your door if you did!