Friday, January 9, 2009


This is how I found Stella not once but twice during nap time today. She had peed in her diaper and then taken off her pants and her diaper, standing in her bed very happy with herself! I thought that maybe we would try out that pink potty and see how she liked it. I turned on Little Einsteins and gave her some juice and she sat on the pink potty for 20 minutes but no pee pee.

She did enjoy sitting on the pink potty with her new pink phone, which I am going to take as at least some what of a good step in the start of the potty training.
I now just need to figure out a way to keep those diapers on her during nap time!


Melissa Halford said...

Time to break out the duck works!!!

Bridget said...

Duck TAPE!!! I almost had to use it with Carson one day, at least with a girl they will pee in one spot. If He did it it would be all over!!!
I heard that it really works, or you can try putting the diaper on backwards

Gracie said...

ha! You're going to buy pink duct tape!!!
Poor little Stella, I can't wait until she is prom queen and all these pictures magically reappear.
only about 16 more years!

Also, if you stick her hands in warm water when she's sitting on her throne it will help. If she won't do it on her own, then put her toys at the bottom of a bucket filled with warm water and make her fish for them...

Who knew I was such a wealth of knowlege - well, Wait, I did!

And a fortune teller too!!!