Friday, February 18, 2011

Beach Day 2

This morning we went to down town and did a little shopping and then spent the afternoon on the beach. We had dinner at our resort in the Italian restaurant. It was wonderful food, the kids were not so great but they were tired from all the time in the sun. Gigi and her princess.
Papi making a deal for a hat to protect his bald head in the sun.
Rhett just hanging out while all us crazy drag him all over the place.
Stella wearing Papi's hat, he got a little worried that she was not going to let him have it so we had to go and find Rhett and her some hats!

Rhett has decided that he does not like to walk or stand on the sand but he is down with digging in the sand.

A photo of Jason and I (you have to look closely to find me!)
Rhett having some fun after we got done eating.