Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Crazy!

The snow was so pretty at first but now I am starting to go a little stir crazy! I love my children but they and the dogs are about to do me in today! We are on day four of not leaving our house, I do not know anyone that would not be going a little crazy at this point! The kids have watched a lot of cartoons, way to many cartoons to be honest. We have played with the dolls, we have played dress up, we have played with trucks and balls. I am not really sure if there is anything left in this house that we have not played with repeatedly. We have also cooked, why does snow make you want to eat? We have cookies and cake, some other more healthier meals thrown in there also but a lot of cookies and cake. To top it all off I do not see us getting out of this house anytime soon because as I type this we are getting more snow! I was just wondering when did I move to the North Pole?

I have been watching old seasons of Bones on Netflix this week, the guy that plays the FBI agent on the show would come on the screen and every time, Rhett would run to the TV and scream DADA wanting him to pick him up! It was pretty funny.

Don't you wear a swim suit, tutu, and Nike shoes to watch cartoons?