Friday, February 27, 2009

Wonderful Weather

The weather has been so nice the past couple of days that we have been able to go outside and play. Yesterday I told Stella that we were going to go for a walk and to get her baby, I was going to go and put on my tennis shoes. I realized that she had been in her room for a while and walked in there to find that she had taken her pants off and put on her tutu! I was just like OK if that is what you want to wear on a walk works for me, it also turned into some really great photos. I would not choose which to post so there are a lot of photos to follow but you really get to see some of that sassy attitude she is coming at me with lately. She really did not get why people were looking at her, she just thinks that everyone should go for a walk in their tutus. I just love this little girl. 


Lynn said...

Love it! So precious!! Makes me want a tutu :) And a little girl of my own!

Keisha said...

OMG! You totally need to submit some of these pictures in a photography contest or something! She's SO UNBELIEVABLY adorable!!!!