Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Walking Baby

Stella got a new stroller for her dolls this weekend. She has been having a blast pushing around the house, up and down the street. I took these photos of her the other day with the stroller and I just love them because you can see so much of her personality, and what a personality she has, I think that I will be in trouble in a couple more years. I also love her hair, my little dandelion fluff, I am so jealous of all those little girls with long locks that their moms get to pull up in braids and ponytails but today looking at these photos I would not a change a thing about that hair. It is wild and crazy and so straight, Stella will probably hate it some day and want it to curl but right now I love to see her run across the room to me and all that fluff to be floating around her head every which way.


Gracie said...

Do you always let your child play in the street? =)

alyssa said...

She is adorable! We live in NWA & go to Fellowship also!