Tuesday, September 30, 2008


One of my memories as a kids growing up was popcorn, my grandfather loved the stuff and as a kid when I was at his house he would always share a bowl with me at night, my father is also a big fan of popcorn and I will always remember going to sporting events and sharing a bag with him, good memories. Well, for those of you that do not know Jason, my husband, hates popcorn! He thinks it is gross and will not share a bag with me and hates for it to be popped in the house. On Sunday I was not feeling so great so he gave in and let me pop some popcorn and we found out that Little Ms. Thing likes herself some popcorn! I am going to be able to share my popcorn with her and watch movies and sporting events, Jason is just going to have to deal with the stink! (We deal with his stinky issues, he can deal with ours!)


Keisha said...

Go Lindsey!! Pop that popcorn! After all - it's for Stella, right!? hee hee.... Love the pictures - you do such a great job capturing moments!! I love reading your blog and watching Stella grow up! They just grow up too fast!

Karen said...

Papa Bill, not to mention your great grandpa Binkley, would be SO proud!