Friday, August 8, 2008

Lake Time

Gigi, I am a big girl, I can do it myself!

Stella was loving the ducks in the water, she kept telling them hello!

Gigi, I am so glad that I get to take you swimming on your birthday, I know how much you love the water. (OK that is totally not true, my mother does not like the water at all but she was a total trooper today)
Gigi telling Stella some secrets.

Jason having a good time on the tube.

OK, so Gigi hates the water but we all ragged on her long enough that she finally got on the jet ski and took it for a ride.

Uncle K took Stella for a ride on the tube, she is very sad that he is leaving to go back to school next week.

As, everyone can tell we took the boat out on the Table Rock today. It was a great day and no one was out. We had a lot of fun watching the guys tube and mom ride the jet ski for the first time.


Keisha said...

I LOVE those chubby legs! She is so cute!!