Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cooper Dog

My parents have lab named Cooper and Stella loves him. OK so her favorite word is puppy,she wakes up saying,she walks around out house all day long looking for the puppies, she loves her some puppies. Cooper is amazing with Stella, she lays on him, she "pets" him (this is more of a hit) and she kisses on him, he just lays there and takes it all. These are some photos of last weekend when Cooper got to wear Stella's bow, she was not so happy and loving when she thought he was trying to be cuter than her! At first she just looked at him.
Then she got mad!

Much happier once the bow was returned to her head. This would be her "petting" of Cooper.
This is another thing that she likes to do, she rubs her head all over him. We have no clue why she does this but when you tell her to love on Cooper she goes over and rubs her head on him.