Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sunny Days

I do not know about anyone else but today was wonderful outside! Alison and I got to take the kids to walk at the Rogers mall instead of the Fayetteville. Stella loved being outside, the whole time she kicked her feet as we went along. She also made new friends with all her big grins. We stopped at one point to feed Gabe and I got the camera out to snap a few shots. Of course, Stella has her sassy in her mouth, life is not good unless you have a sassy. She is now trying to share her sassy with mom and dad, I think she wonders why everyone does not walk around with a sassy in their mouth they are so wonderful!

This is a photo of Gabe, he was eating his bottle if you can not tell! (For some reason I can not get the picture to turn so you can see it better.) Gabe is such a cute little guy and such a good baby. He is going to be a lady's man when he gets older!