Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cy's nap

With Stella getting ready to start school, kindergarten, in less than a week, we have been trying to adjust our schedule so that it is not a total shock to us next week. This being much earlier bed and wake up times because she will have to be in school from 7:30-2:30 each day. The biggest issue is that the boys take a nap at 2 each afternoon which is when we have to leave the house to go and pick Stella up. I was trying to get the boys to take an earlier nap time but it was not working, so I decided today to try and keep them awake longer for a later nap time of when we would get home from picking her up. Well, that did not go so well with Cy, he just could not make it till 3, he did not get grumpy, he did not fuss, the big kids were playing all around him, the TV was on and he just crawled up in his chair and fell a sleep! Poor baby this is going to be so hard on him but we will figure it all out. 

Gosh I just love this little guy!