Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week 9 Phone Photos

 Yucky breathing treatments for this poor guy
 The pretty road to our new house
 Kids watching one last cartoon before bed

 Stella had mis match day at school, let me tell you this stressed me out to no end, I almost didn't let her out of the house
 Rhett was so excited to drive behind the trash truck, he told me that someday he was going to drive the trash truck
 pretend sleeping

 Going crazy with all three kids at the dr. office!
 Some  times they do get along
 Braxton's first birthday party, Rhett using his mustache straw, he thought it was so funny!
 Grandpa Sam with the birthday boy

 Mallory and Stella
 Gigi with the Birthday boy

 My new kitchen table, so excited about it
Got to hang out with my husband today, we went junking, it was such a nice couple of hours. Reminded me that I do love him!