Tuesday, January 15, 2013

8 Months

This big boy is 8 months old! We have been crazy busy the past couple of weeks and I did not get to take his 8 month naked photo! I am a bad mommy! He is such a happy baby, well, unless you are trying to put him to sleep. It has gotten better in that he is sleeping 2 to three hours at a time! It is still a little crazy around her because we are still in Gigi and Papi's house until we find a new home to purchase. Hopefully that will be soon! Cy has been  in our room until now but we decided to move him over to the other room  and see if that would help with his sleeping, it has helped some and it helps that the person that does not get up can continue to sleep while the other is up taking care of him. He loves to eat, like you could not tell that already! He has been eating all kinds of baby food and is now starting to do some soft finger foods, which is a mess but he loves it. He is wearing 24 month clothing, size 5 diapers and size 4 shoes. We take him next month to the Dr. and it will be interested to see how much he weighs and how long he is compared to most little boys his age. He is scooting all over the house and starting to get up on all fours but has not mastered the crawl just yet, that's a lot of weight to get moving! He loves the big kids, and watches everything that they do each day. Thankful that he rides in the car great because he is always being taken from one place to the next! He has become a passie taking pro, and now will take it when he is upset which helps out so much. Cy, you may be breaking my back, making me have some manly arm muscles but you bring a smile to my face and love into my heart each day. We love you so much and are so glad that God blessed us with such a healthy happy baby!