Saturday, December 15, 2012

7 Months!

Cy is 7 months old!  You are one big boy these days! You wear 24 month clothing and size 5 diapers. 
 You are not crawling yet but you sure are able to get were ever you want to go! I have a feeling we are just days away from you actually crawling all over the place.
 You are loving any baby food that we give you to eat. you are still taking bottles but have at least 2-4 packs of food a day.
 You are totally all about mommy these days. I am the only person that seems to be able to rock you to sleep with out a bottle.
 You have started taking a pacie, which is really nice.
 You are working on getting some teeth, I really wish that those things would come in and stop giving you so much trouble.
 You are full of smiles and giggles. You are starting to jabber at us.

 You love watching Stella and Rhett and I know that you are so wanting to join in on the fun. I can not even imagine what a mess I will have on my hands once you are able to help them out!

 We love you so much!