Thursday, September 1, 2011

2-That is correct my baby is 2!

My baby is no longer a baby. He is a toddler, sure he has looked and acted like a man beast for a while but it became for real to me today that he is older, wiser, and no longer my little baby. He is fast on  the go, singing and talking more each day, and full of smiles and giggles. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful little guy. Rhett is now 33 pounds and 37 inches, which puts him in the 90th percentile for his age. (This just means that he is bigger than 90 out of 100 kids his age.) Rhett's favorite word is NO but he smiles and giggles while saying it to you. He loves his mower and would spend all day in the back yard mowing our grass. He still has his bunny and passey but he has to have them at the same time, one does not work with out the other. Rhett is still not sleeping through the night, we get up and give him something to eat at least once a night, and yes he is hungry, he is a big boy got to keep that shape up! He loves to run and kick a ball, he just loves to run! Rhett is still my cuddle bear, when he is getting sleepy he will crawl up in your lap and lean back and just hang out. I love these moments. Rhett loves to have a book or 20 read to him. Rhett has learned to tell secrets to you in your ear, this is the only way that he says I love you, momma loves to have some secrets told to her.

To celebrate today we had Gigi and Papi, Uncle KyKy and Brandi come over for dinner and presents. It was a pretty good time. Funny thing, Gigi and Papi got Rhett and bat and baseballs stand. Papi and dad took him out to the yard to play with it, his daddy is set that he is going to be a right hander (Not real sure why considering that Stella is a lefty) Well, they set Rhett up to bat from the right side and over and over again he can not hit the ball. Papi says lets try him on the left, Daddy says no there is no way he is a lefty. So, Daddy finally let up and let Rhett try from the left, and first swing is a base hit! It was so funny and he was so proud of himself.

S&R 006

S&R 007
Might need to teach him to keep his eyes open!

S&R 008

S&R 009

S&R 017

S&R 019

S&R 027

S&R 033
He loves his Daddy just a little bit!

S&R 035

Happy 2nd birthday Rhett! We love you so much!


Lorena said...

love you Rhett......