Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Night Home

Our first night home as a family of four went very nice. I was a little worried at first because when Stella arrived home with Gigi and Papa she was in rare form, I thought we were not going to make it through dinner but once everyone left and things calmed down she did wonderful. She refers to Rhett as "my Rhett" or "my baby". She loves to hold him and does not want anyone else to hold her Rhett. She even let him watch toons with her last night and gave him lots of love. Rhett is such a calm baby so far we are very lucky, he does not mind his sister holding him or giving him some special love pats. He has been a great sleeper, actually he sleeps so much that I get kind of worried that he is OK. He has been doing good with eating but we go to the Dr. Friday morning for his first weight check sense the hospital so we will see how he does.

I love this photo of Stella's hand and Rhett's hand!


Anonymous said...

I love the top two pics of Stella and Rhett. I really hope she stays this way with him!


Anonymous said...

These are great pictures. I really like the one with Lindz looking at the camera holding Rhett - that's great. You look amazing.