Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Grape Festival

This week was the 111th Grape Festival in Tontitown. We thought it would be fun to take Stella out to see all the rides and eat some grape ice cream. She had a wonderful time but was sad that the only ride she was tall enough to get on was the merry go round. She loved all of the food and left on a huge sugar high. I have to admit that I love the food also and was on a bit of a sugar high myself.

Stella is just learning how to drink out of open bottles, she is doing pretty good but is really funny if she spills the extremely cold drink on herself.

She really wanted on this ride but the guy would not let her, she was very sad.
A little of the food that caused us to be on a sugar high.

The heat did not make this pregnant girls feet very happy, I know that I have ankle bones in there some were.
Someone asked for a bite of her grape ice cream, I think she growled at them.
Dancing to the band.

Heading out with her Papi.


Keisha said...

Where's the pics of mommy!!?